Benefits of HYPOXcontrol S

  • Portable interval altitude training device for customised altitude training plans
  • Flexible use in any existing training facility
  •  Altitude simulations of up to 6,000 metres at alternating intervals with concentrated oxygen is possible
  • Real time monitoring of all relevant vital signs
  • Touch screen for intuitive and autonomous control of the training session
  •  Authentication using a chip card
  • Biofeedback for determining the personal tolerance levels for changes in altitude
  • Intelligent analysis software for fully documenting training results
  • Database for saving profiles and training data
  • Connection to a network is possible
  • Certified medical device

Flexible & Effective:

  • Optimise your body‘s energy supply by increasing mitochondria and erythrocytes
  • Increase your performance in a targeted way by training at a simulated altitude of up to 6000 m
  • Reduce your regeneration and rehabilitation times with increased cellular metabolism and vascular growth

Benefits of altitude training: Train High – Sleep Low

  • Increases performance during competitive training – not only for endurance sports
  • Improves endurance capacities
  • Increased muscle growth
  • Shortens the regeneration time while training
  • Optimises the rehabilitation time after sport injuries
  • Lowers athlete‘s susceptibility to injuries
  • Increases the body‘s physical and mental endurance levels
  • Prepares for altitude acclimatisation and optimises performance levels prior to spending time at high altitudes
  • Has a relaxing effect on the body and helps people cope with stress
  • Supportive effects for the body‘s immune system
  • Positive results for weight loss
  • Increases a person‘s ability to concentrate